“Plan of Proposed Past and Present Developments…” by Kevin Morris

Plan of Proposed Past and Present Developments Illustrating General Considerations on Architecture While also Including Assorted Aesthetic Elements, 2022, acrylic on canvas 50.5 x 41 in.


Bermudian painter Kevin Morris often references music, pop culture and current events in his intricately detailed artworks. He is inspired by a wide range of artistic influences and a profound curiosity in diverse visual cultures, from ancient past to the present. Solo shows include Kevin Morris Paintings at the Bermuda Society of Arts (2018), Contemporary Conversations: Kevin Morris at the Bermuda National Gallery (2009), Kevin Morris: Recent Works at the Bermuda Society of Arts (2007) and Artists Up Front Street at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art (2003).

Of his Biennial artwork he says: “I like to create paintings that, if you choose to engage with them for longer periods of time, can become more complicated. My artworks are often dense and detailed, containing an abundance of information which reflect my numerous interests. Hi-colour and bold patterns dominate my surfaces and the resulting canvas becomes a record of time spent absorbing and saving information.”


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