Issue 12 – January 2018



Tiffany Austin
Approximation of a Woman
Arturo Desimone
Death of the Island Prophet
The Swarm
Nicole Hospital-Medina
Black Out
Pieces of the Braid
M.A. Istvan, Jr.
Huffington Post
Sergio Ortiz
Tropical Rain
Sitting on My Corpse
Alicia Valasse-Polius
Autopsy of a Bush Man

Sean DesVignes
Calypso Tent
Jeremy Gardner
A Leviathan Yawn
Sacred Empty
Heathen Kush
Danger on All Sides
Joe O’Neill
Kwasi Shade
We Will Be Fire
She Ghosts Like Machines
Calvin Walds
Negative Space as the Space Around an Object
To Capture the Landscape (Somaliland)



Suzanne Bhagan
How the Professor Made History



Jacqueline Bishop
Colin Robinson’s You Have You Father Hard Head Offers a Strong New Voice in Caribbean Poetry



Daisy Lafond
Back Where I Belong

Visual Art

Christine Stoddard
The Abaco Series



I Am Here: An Interview with Keisha Scarville
by Kenesha Julius