Issue 10 – November 2016


Cover art courtesy of Simon Tatum.



Andre Bagoo
A Prayer to Andre
Boys Don’t Cry
The Swarm of Locusts Returns to South Trinidad
Incurable Fears
Strange Years
M.A. Brown
Browning meat
Gaiven Clairmont
The Sculptor
Loretta Collins Klobah
Night of Charcoal Sky and Sea
He Talks to a Butterfly
Country Dance in Cayey
The woman you are looking for might have been
removed, had her name changed, or is temporarily

Ashley Harris
I am unsure
Orlando Hernández
Dancing in the Market for Eels
Some Reconnaissance I Did for You
The Estimable Mayors of San Juan
Medicine Man
Kimberly Reyes
Your last name is Reyes … is your husband Spanish?
Hype Women
The Stage
Holding Pattern
A piece of him
Sydney Solis
Frederiksted Pier
Three Roosters
The End of the World



Opal Palmer Adisa
Quelbe Jolt Her, Quadrille Steady Her


Essays & Reviews

Ayanna Gillian Lloyd
Double Vision

Natalio Wheatley
Columbus, the Moor


Visual Art

Isa Benn
Instagram Series

David Gumbs
Unconscious Geographies

 Simon Tatum
Discover & Rediscover