“The Sculptor” by Gaiven Clairmont

Image Courtesy of Hans Splinter. Shared via a Creative Commons license.


He hammers away at unrecognizable metal
But there is a man trapped in there
A story he is trying to bring to the fore
For people appreciate the shine of the surface
The durability of the substance
But not the bones
Not the blood
Not the tissue
They love the idea
But do they love the man?

Will they just turn the pages of history for inspiration?
Or will they also muse about his un-written history?
His daily battles
His eternal struggles
The pendulum from joy to sorrow
The scars which littered his skin
These scars are ignored by the sculptor

For a man can bleed from pain
Cry from depression
But an idea can’t
It must withstand
The bullets from any gun
The blade of any knife
The harsh words of any lover

An idea must be the most perfect form of humanity
Because how else will it be comprehended by minds to come
How else can it surge through the centuries, like the immortality of the sun?
Its luminescence a guide
Its river long forgotten
The land still perpetually pierced.


Gaiven Clairmont is a writer and poet from Trinidad and Tobago. He has written 2 e-books: an inspirational anthology of poems, short stories and quotes titled The 7 Lamps Of Inspiration and a collection of poems titled Voices From The Ghetto.