“Starry Thighs” by April Glasgow

Image courtesy of Geraint Rowland. Shared via a Creative Commons license.

Starry Thighs

I have birthed the universe.
I’ve got stars between my thighs.

Only the ancients know my name.
My hips sway to the tides.

My voice makes lovers lilt and,
nine moons later, lullabies are sung .

My skin is the sacred shrine—
made for the priest, the king, and the queen.

They polish my copper tones,
never speaking my name louder than a whisper.

April Glasgow is a writer from the British Virgin Islands. Her poetry has appeared in VI Callaloo, The Caribbean Writer and Where I See the Sun. She works with the grassroots group, The Callaloo Poets and Artists Collective to organize open mics and the annual “big stage” poetry show, Microphone Messenjahs.