Someone Else’s Carnival by Mark Ramsay and Danielle Blaize


Someone Else’s Carnival was created over a whirlwind weekend for #resistjam – a movement to create video games that defied categories. Flipped the digital bird at superstructures that caused nothing but pain.
We chose to talk about being queer in the Caribbean through one of the portals where ‘everyone’ is supposed to be accepted – Carnival. The come as you are, shell-down, rhinestone bikini tribute to bacchanal and rum.
Except some people are not wanted. Not in their full.
Being ‘out’ and ‘open’ are not the same here – in our Caribbean – as they are in ‘foreign’. How we resist. How we dance to overcome is often secret, often not at all.
We turned the experience of quietly hiding your true self into a playable video game.
– Mark+Danielle.’

Click Here to experience Someone Else’s Carnival.

Mark Ramsay is a Barbadian-born fiction writer and game designer. His fiction has been awarded first prize in the 2015 Small Axe Literary Competition. His games have not. He co-founded Couple Six Inc., the Caribbean’s first video game development studio – currently working on its first major title, Le Loupgarou. Mark is pursuing a Masters in Chinese Philosophy in Shanghai, China. To the annoyance of everyone who claims to love him, he still cannot drive.

Danielle Blaize is a 23-year-old award-winning and dedicated animator, illustrator, and visual artist, who has been in the field of art and animation for several years. Her short film Dance of the Daring won the Best Caribbean Animation award both in 2015 and 2016, and she has several local news and TV appearances under her belt. She is currently working on Le Loupgarou, an indie game from Couple Six Inc. as their 3D artist and animator, and her personal webcomic, Spiritbound. Her work is obsessed with traditional Caribbean narratives, uncovering new places for new stories.