Poem by Joanne C. Hillhouse

Image courtesy of David Knight Jr.


Children Meelee

Eyes bright
Heart pounding
I lived and breathed it
Peanuts roasting
Music pumping
Obsti prancing about in pigtails
Carnival, better than a dream


Joanne C. Hillhouse is the author of four books: The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, children’s picture book Fish Outta Water, and Oh Gad!. She has been published in several international journals and anthologies including For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone, In the Black: New African Canadian Literature, and So the Nailhead Bend So the Story End: an Anthology of Antiguan and Barbudan Writing. She has fiction forthcoming in Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean. She lives in Antigua, where she freelances across borders as a writer, editor, and writing coach. She runs the Wadadli Pen writing programme. 

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