Poem by Adriel Jamil

Trinidad, a slow reminiscing

Can you hear my voice?
Little, startled, from Charlotte to Abercrombie,
from Broadway you can see my asymmetry,
shanty to treasury.
Beaten down, asphalt skin.
This is not a juxtaposition of life but a chronology of history,
and my God, there is so much history.
My voice recently resembles
a muffled airport where all the planes veer right
and never take off.
Nothing ever takes off.

Everyone dances my street but no-one listens for me,
Soca and dancehall mid-Febuary.
late September I flood with history,
there’s so much history.

Water rises, murky, cleansing,
trying to reclaim what once was.

a slow reminiscing,

Adriel Jamil is a 22 year old writer from Trinidad & Tobago.