Painting by Nilsa Wheatley

Moment to Moment. 2012. Acrylic on canvas.

“My work is abstract with a focus on color. I get inspiration from nature, in particular trees. The trees define the shapes that I use. I usually go outside with my sketch book and look for trees that have a particular personality. Sometimes I will see a tree that looks feminine and try to capture that feeling in my drawing. I also see masculine shapes. When I am finished I gather the sketches together and create my compositions. My first series is called “Surrender” because I have finally surrendered to God’s call on my life. My second series is called “Lantern Days”. The Art Association came up with the theme. I asked my mother to talk to me about what it was like living in a time without electricity. One of the visuals that stood out to me was her talking about walking at night with lanterns. So I was inspired by the idea of moving light and a contrast of light and dark, day and night and fire.”



Nilsa Wheatley studied art at the American College in London and later at Parsons School of Design in New York. She is a full time artist who resides in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.