Issue 14 – November 2018



The Cave
Isabelle Baafi

Land Papers
Malica S. Willie

Wandeka Gayle


In the Library of Fanon: Notes on Reading Alienation and Freedom
Mahdi Chowdhury

The Quest for Roots: Sekou’s Brotherhood of the Spurs and the search for a St. Martin identity
Sara Florian


Caribbean Woman Superhero! Coming of Age in Dystopian Canada: An Interview with Sharon Lewis

Implications for our Future: An Interview with Tobias Buckell

Caribbean History is Afro-Punk: Brandon O’Brien Talks Fantasy, Folklore, and Science Fiction


Beautiful, Dangerous Things: A Review of High Mas – Carnival and the Poetics of Caribbean Culture
Ayanna Lloyd

A Review of The Angel Horn – Shake Keane (1927-1997) Collected Poems
N. C. Marks

Visual Art & Multimedia

Luis Vasquez La Roche

Arturo Desimone

 About the Cover Artist
Sheila Fraga is a Cuban-born artist based in Miami. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in 1999. Her painting and drawing is focused on the female figure and personal life. Fraga’s work can be found in permanent collections at St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral, Italy, The University of Aveiro Portugal, and Sacramento Contemporary Art Gallery.