“Two Sculptures” by James Cooper

Large Blue Wall Sculpture, 2021, wood, 77 x 35 x 1 in.
Large Yellow Wall Sculpture, 2021, wood, 66 x 42 x 1 in.

James Cooper is a Bermudian artist who has been exhibiting his work internationally for the past decade. His work is informed by a deep interest in spiritual and philosophical ideologies, but it often manifests in lighthearted and joyous ways.

Notable exhibition highlights include the Ghetto Biennale (Haiti, 2011), the Jamaica Biennial (2014), Contact Photography Festival (Toronto, 2014), Double Dutch at the Bahamas National Gallery (2016), as well as numerous Bermuda Biennials. In 2019 he was included in the book A-Z of Caribbean Artists by Archer and Brown.

He says: “I have been thinking that the stories and symbols that we need have always been with us and how it is simply the method of telling them that gets updated to our time and place. For me these sculptures are somehow like drawings done with a jigsaw, they retain a freedom of movement and vibrancy of color that emerges from my own life, but that I hope retain a universality that can resonate with anyone.”



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