“i be angsty” by C.R. Glasgow

y’all hella thirsty

salivating after

ashes                     graves of

ancestors burned too fast for burying.

y’all need to back the fuck up

with your:

gimme a lesson, gimme a hanky, nah, dry my tears, gimme a shoulder, gimme that vulnerability

on blast;

gimme a shot, gimme a shot, gimme a shot

a shot of

body, shot of hope, shot of dreams, shot left hanging…

gimme ‘em


cause y’all done dried up rivers and lakes

huffed and puffed cause y’all had to try.

go on panting ‘neath the pressure to change

stifling under the smoke of your cylos

y’all getting nothing but a 400 word away message

freeing me from the want

of being your savior


i hate to burst your bubble:

but this ain’t my throne.


C.R. Glasgow (doc/she/we) is a non-binary, queer, first-generation Afro-Caribbean-American poet, writer, psychologist, spiritual creative, and public speaker whose work has been supported by fellowships and craft shops through Wild Seeds, VONA, Hurston/Wright, The Watering Hole, and Hugo House among others. C has also been the recipient of the Haitian Heritage scholarship through VONA in 2021 and has had work featured in the Arrow Journal, Killen’s Review of Arts & Letters as well as in several anthologies.

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