“Land Papers” by Shanette Monrose

There was talk among the residents of arson. A fire that began in the cane fields would make a straight path to the main house calculated Ms. Rose. Mr. Rightis had even mimicked the screams of Ms. Virginia as she burnt to death. The others had laughed but she could not find mirth in this dark humour. Then, it was suggested that some seeds of the castor plant find its way into her midday meal. Lex scathingly suggested that the oleander plants would be of better use if ingested by Ms. Virginia. His girlfriend, Sheila was frightened at the prospect of killing someone who was pregnant. But while they all wanted her dead, and fantasized about it, no one really wanted to go through with it. Too many loose ends. Too many weak links. There were other ways.

Shanette Monrose is a St Lucian secondary school teacher who teaches English language and literature.

6 thoughts on ““Land Papers” by Shanette Monrose

  1. This excerpt promises an entertaining story. I am not sure that the excerpt explains the title and I would like to link all of this to the picture of the flames. Does Moko Magazine plan to publish this story in its entirety? Or could the magazine direct me to a place where I can read this story?

  2. Is “LAND PAPERS” by Shanette Monrose an extract or an entire story? If it is an extract, can you please tell me where I can find the entire story?


  3. Hello Moko Magazine

    I know Ms. Monrose!! I want to read the rest of this story…I want to analyse it…Will you be publishing the entire story later? Can you help me find the entire story? Please?

  4. Ms. Monrose teaches me Literatures in English and I love her short stories. I’ve never read this one though, and I would love to read it in its entirety . Will you be publishing the full story later?

  5. This excerpt has so much potential! I’d LOVE to read the full story. Is there another link where I can read the piece in its entirety? Or will it be published fully at a later date???

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