Call for Submissions: Commentaries by Univ. of St. Martin

As received on our wires:

The University of St. Martin’s (USM) online journal called Commentaries is calling on the community to submit their work for consideration for the journal’s second edition, which will be published in December 2016.

Commentaries is an online journal that publishes essays, poems, visual arts, paintings, music arts, photo/video, book reviews, and interviews. It was established by the University of St. Martin in March 2016. USM releases two publications a year and is now looking for talented persons to put forth their work for the 2nd edition. The theme, in relation to Caribbean literature and culture, is: “Multiculturalism and Belonging in the Caribbean/St. Maarten.”

We are looking for fresh, creative, critical, exciting and excellent work that our readers would find stimulating interesting and insightful. Along with the submitted work (maximum 2 pieces), participants must submit a picture, a bio, and a brief description of their piece(s).

Submissions should be sent via email to and or posted to USM labeled with authors/artist name and “Commentaries” Mailing address:

The University of St. Martin,
Room 210, #1 Soualiga Boulevard,
St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean.

Submission deadline is Saturday 1st October 2016. All selected artists will be notified at a later date. This 2nd Edition will consist of:
– 5 Essays (1500-3000 words)
– 10 Poems (max 500 words/per poem)
– 5 Photos on topic
– 5 Pictures of art work (paintings, drawings, installation pieces, etc.)
– 5 Songs/Music compositions (max. 5 minutes or 500 words)
– 5 Videos/short films/short documentaries (on topic)
– 3 Book reviews of local and regional works
– 1 Interview of regional author Requirements and Terms and Conditions:
– Submissions may be in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, or Papiamento
– Papers must be submitted in MLA format
– Word count restrictions
– All submissions must be unpublished
– Copyrights remain with the artist
– No payment for submissions
– Limited use of end notes
– Footnotes restricted

For detailed information or any questions, please contact the Editor of Commentaries at, or via Whatsapp +1(721) 520-0495.

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